2019 Ironman Shoot Results

Last weekend, the 2nd Annual Ironman Shoot took place with 57 shooters participating. With shooters coming in from both the lower and upper peninsulas, this annual shoot which will take place the first weekend after Labor Day every year, has become a destination known statewide.

The 2019 Ironman Shoot was Michigan’s largest multi-venue shoot this year, made possible by our great team of member helpers:

Teresa Raab and Patty Kinkema (Kitchen)
Sandra Meyer (Check In and Tabulation)
Chris Meyer (Scoring Skeet)
Tim Szewczuk and Darrel Kuiper (Pulling and Scoring 5 Stand)
Rick Croton and Chuck Raab (Pulling and Scoring 5 Stand)
Justin Somsel (Oversee Sporting Clays)
Larry Laxton and. Ryan Kinkema (Set up)
Richard Rogers and Tom Anderson (Grounds)

We heard some really great comments from some of our participants.

“Club looks great!” “Fantastic target presentation.” “Best sporting clays course in Northern Michigan.” “Very friendly and knowledgeable help.”

“You people know how to put on a shoot!”

This is thanks to the above recognized helpers. Without them this event wouldn’t have happened! Thank them when you see them.


Ironman Winner: Les Housler 116
Ironman Runner Up: Rick Nelson 113

Skeet Winner: Richard Rogers 25
Skeet Runner Up: Cliff Pawlowski 24

Trap Winner: Tom Yost 25
Trap Runner Up: Justin Somesel 25
Trap Runner Up: Mike Grice 25

5 Stand Winner: Ken Hessling 23
5 Stand Runner Up: Ryan Kinkema 23

Sporting Clays Winner: Ken Johnson 43
Sporting Clays Runner Up: Rick Johnson 43

Top Female Shooter: Kaci Clark

All ties were determined by a draw of cards.

All venues are open for shooting so come by and take advantage of our good fall weather.

We are looking for assistance in sporting clay course take down and general clean up and winterization toward the middle of October. We will send an email to members when the date and time has been determined. If you haven’t volunteered yet this year this is your opportunity to pitch in at your club.

Always shoot safe, straight and often! Bring your family and friends with you to the club for the total enjoyment of the shooting sports.


Small Gauge Ironman Shoot Results

The June Small Gauge Ironman Shoot was held this past Saturday at the Marion Rod and Gun Club. There was a great turnout with participants coming in statewide, from Detroit to Petoskey.


Top Gun - Frank Blake

High 20 Gauge - Mike Grice

High 28 Gauge - Ken Johnson

High 4:10 - Frank Blake

Top Skeet - Richard Rogers

Top 5 Stand - Ed Canahan

Top Trap - Rich Vandermuelen

Top Sporting Clays - Jim Westlake

Les Housler, Andrea Bogard, and Dylan Grice Win Michigan Ruffed Grouse Society Shoot

This past weekend, the Michigan Ruffed Grouse Society held their first shoot at the Marion Rod and Gun Club. With 33 shooters of all ages competing, the event was a great success.


Open Class - Les Housler (Member)

Women’s Group - Andrea Bogard

Youth Group - Dylan Grice (Member)

Les Housler and Dylan Grice, members of the Marion Rod and Gun Club, represented our club well. A special thank you to our volunteers for their help watching the course, cooking lunch, and manning the registration table.

Visitors to the club were impressed by the course, mentioning that the grounds were neat, everything was well kept, and that they would be sure to come back and shoot here again.

Small Gauge Ironman Shoot June 22nd, 2019

Marion Rod and Gun Club

3404 21 Rd, Marion, MI 49665

Venues Include

Skeet - 5 Stand - Trap - Sporting Clays (125 Targets)

Gauges Include:

20 Gauge - 28 Gauge - 410 Cal


$50 / All venues round

$30 / All venues round age 17 and under

Prizes for overall winner each gauge and venue. Steak dinner follows the shoot.

Contact Larry Laxton by June 8th to reserve your spot.

Phone: (231) 468-1283

Email: sx1laxton@gmail.com

Ruffed Grouse Society 2019 Fun Shoot

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Highlands Chapter 2019 Fun Shoot

Marion Rod & Gun Club

3404 21 Mile Road, Marion, MI 49665

Registration: 9:00AM - Noon

Shooting: 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Prizes & Raffle Drawings: 1:00PM

Each shooter will need to bring shells. New shooters will be matched with experienced shooters. Eye and ear protection must be worn. Strict muzzle control observed. No loading before stepping onto station. No stepping off the station before clearing the chamber. No shot larger than 7 1/2 permitted.

Download the registration form below.

Side By Side Fun Shoot - Saturday, July 28th


Saturday, July 28th
Sign up: 9:00 AM
Showing begins: 10:00 AM


Join us for a Side by Side Fun Shoot at the Marion Rod and Gun Club on the last Saturday in July. We'll have 50 targets of Sporting Clays. 

Low gun start position encouraged and applauded, but not required (this is a Fun shoot!)

$25 per Shooter includes:

Free lunch for all shooters and helpers.

Door prizes for all shooters.

Certificates to High Gun & Runner Up


Space is limited. Call Marshal Wickens at (231) 829-4017 to reserve your spot or for additional details.